Frequently Asked Questions at the Fairbourne Clinic

Are the Therapists Qualified?

All the therapists in this clinic are fully qualified in their respective fields, members of their appropriate professional bodies and insured.


Do I need a referral from my GP?
None of the therapies at the clinic require you to inform your GP before attending. (See also Medical Insurance)


How many sessions will be needed?
This will depend on each individual and the treatment received. A typical course of treatment would be 4-6 sessions. You will be advised by the therapist on your first session on the likely number of treatments needed.


Can I consult you whilst receiving other medical treatment?
All of the therapies here can be supportive or complementary to medical treatment and your practitioner will advise you on any specific contraindications.


Are there any risks or contraindications?
As a general rule, there are no risks involved from having any of the therapies at this Clinic. There are however specific contraindications or risks associated with certain conditions such as pregnancy cancer and diabetes. Please consult your therapist if you have any queries but you will automatically be advised of any at the time of your first consultation.


How often will I need treatment?
This depends on the therapy, the chronicity and the severity of your main condition. Typically acute conditions will be seen once or more in the first week and weekly for 2 - 3 sessions, frequency then diminishes progressively until discharge at which point you will be advised about the need for maintenance treatment if appropriate.


Does it hurt?
As a general rule none of the therapies in this Clinic hurt.


Can I claim through my health insurance?
Currently only Osteopathy can be claimed through medical insurance but please be aware that this normally requires your GP's signature in order to proceed. Other therapies may be claimable with a consultant only referral. However the HSA has a wider range of cover. Please ask for a leaflet


How can I pay?
We can accept cash and cheques for all treatments. Currently only Osteopathy can be paid by debit or credit card


Can I bring my children?
There is a small waiting area where older children can be left occupied with quiet games or books. If you bring babies with you, a quiet area is available for feeding and also a bathroom for nappy changing.


Is there a car park?
There is a large car park available at the Clinic and also on road parking.


Are you on a public transport route?
Wendan Road is on a Newbury Bus Route and the Clinic is situated approximately 15 minutes walk from Newbury railway station. Trains from Paddington and the west country both stop at the station.


Are there facilities for disabled clients?
There are limited facilities. If you are disabled please contact reception to discuss your individual requirements.


What are your opening hours?
The Clinic is open from 8am - 7pm daily apart from Saturdays when the Clinic is open 9am - 5pm. There is a receptionist available during these hours and an answerphone for out of hours calls.


Do you treat babies and young children?
Most of the therapies are available for babies and young children


Are there any waiting room facilities at the Fairbourne Clinic?
A waiting room is provided, with an up to date supply of magazines as well as comics and toys' for younger children.