Ear Wax Removal at the Fairbourne Clinic

Ear wax removal clinic using Microsuction and Water Irrigation
Fridays 8am – 7pm

Vicky O’Doherty is a Registered Nurse and is offering a weekly clinic for the removal of ear wax.

An excessive buildup of ear wax can cause hearing loss, tinnitus or a feeling of pressure in the ear. Common causes can include wearing hearing aids, using cotton buds to clean the ear, and working in a dusty environment. Problems with ear wax can also run in families due to the shape of the ear canal or the type of wax being produced.

There is no recognized “gold standard” for ear wax removal and the safest, most appropriate method will be used according to your medical history.

Vicky uses both Microsuction and Water Irrigation in her clinic to ensure a successful wax removal treatment. It is common to have both procedures in one treatment, particularly if the ears need to be completely wax free e.g., for an audiology assessment or for wearing hearing aids. Sometimes the wax can also be removed using forceps.


The excess wax is removed by gentle suction. It can be a little noisy at times, but it is generally well tolerated. Vicky wears high magnification glasses during the procedure to clearly view the ear canal and ear drum to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Water irrigation

Warm water is used to gently flush out the wax, using a machine which controls the water pressure. This method used to be known as “ear syringing” before electronic irrigators were used.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your ear looks like?

You will be shown a view of your ear canal at the start and end of the treatment using a digital otoscope. This will clearly show the successful removal of the ear wax and a photo of your ear drum will be stored in your clinical notes. Vicky is happy to explain these images to you.


Prices (including digital otoscopy):

Wax removal for one ear                                              £55

Wax removal both ears                                                 £80

Ear assessment only (if no wax is present)                £30


For appointment bookings, please contact Vicky:

Email: contact@theearcarenurse.co.uk

Phone: 07877 534739

Website: www.theearcarenurse.co.uk