Counselling & Psycotherapy at the Fairbourne Clinic

Counselling & Psychotherapy Practitioner:


Counselling and psychotherapy can help when life feels chaotic or overwhelming. Talking to a confidential professional, with the ability to support you in exploring the problem provides relief. Issues we work with include anger, conflict and stress management, depression, abuse, loss and relationship difficulties. Our aim is to support you in living a satisfying life.


Who can benefit form Counselling and psychotherapy?


Counselling and psychotherapy offer help for all kinds of emotional distress, such as depression, loss, anxiety and confusion, and can assist people in coping when life feels overwhelming or demoralising.
This type of help benefits those lacking of self-worth or low self esteem, experiencing difficulties in their relationships and those going through a time of change or transition.
It helps people who feel stuck and wish to develop their potential, and those who experience a sense of meaninglessness or who are chronically dissatisfied with their lives.
It can also benefit people suffering from eating disorders, sexual problems and certain physical problems for which there are no clear causes.
Sometimes people can't always say what their problem is in so many words; only that there is something they want to change.
Counselling and psychotherapy can also help people to come to terms with what can't be changed.

How does psychotherapy and counselling work?


Counsellor's and psychotherapists aim to provide a safe place for you to explore your thought's and feelings away form the pressures of everyday living. As professional therapists, we offer confidentiality and impartiality.
You are encouraged to think about whatever is troubling you in a different way and with greater insight so that you can arrive at your own solutions.
The therapeutic relationship provides a unique opportunity to discover how, for instance, in our attempts to avoid painful experiences from the past, we may end up in the very situation we hope to avoid. The understanding gained will deepen your awareness of yourself and others and allows greater freedom of thought and action so that life can be lived in a more fulfilling and creative way.