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AcuEnergetics® is widely regarded as the most clinically effective energy healing modality in practice today. Chinese, Judaic, Indian and Western healing traditions combine with modern research and techniques to unleash this powerful energy medicine.

AcuEnergetics® practitioner: Gillian Ward

Gillian qualified in Holland, as a fully accredited Practitioner from the School of AcuEnergetics® in 2014 having spent eight years as a student practitioner. A treatment method originally developed in Australia, it is now taught in Australia, Asia, Europe and US.

Having suffered from chronic pain, stiffness and upper body immobility in her mid-twenties, Gillian discovered AcuEnergetics® while living and working in corporate Australia. A few simple treatments led to a massive improvement in health and fitness which then drove her on to study to become a practitioner herself.

Gillian has treated many different conditions successfully; most recently insomnia, sciatica, knee, hip and chronic neck and back pain, anxiety, plantar fasciitis, stress and RSI. Other conditions have included headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, IBS, low energy, menstrual and menopausal problems, infertility and many more.

A professional member of the Association for the Advancement of AcuEnergetics® Practitioners, Gillian is fully insured in the UK. Whether treating babies, children or adults, everyone has a unique set of circumstances to be addressed. Gillian is fascinated by people, the challenges we all face and is driven by the opportunity to help find a solution.


Find further information on Gillian Ward and how AcuEnergetics can help you by downloading the following PDF:
Gillian Ward AcuEnergetics Practitioner at the Fairbourne Clinic

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