Pregnancies, Babies and Children at the Fairbourne Clinic

Therapists: Tim Dennis, Claire Shepherd, Mary Jane Beadsmore.


Here at the Fairbourne Clinic, we have a wide range of therapeutic skills ranging from Homoeopathy, Osteopathy and Baby Massage, and knowledge that can help and support you from conception, through birth and into childhood.
You or your child, don't have to have an illness or problem to benefit from our services; we can help ease all the stages as well as prevent many of the common illnesses associated with childhood.



Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, and homoeopathy can all help with any mechanical, constitutional and hormonal impediments to conception.
Long term difficulty conceiving can be very stressful, or have emotional causes. Many of the therapies here are deeply relaxing and can work at psychological and emotional levels. Try Indian Head Massage, Full Body Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.


Unstable Pregnancies

Many women find that although conceiving is not a problem, for a number of reasons spontaneous miscarriage is the regrettable result. Cranial Osteopathy and homoeopathy are particularly helpful in trying to stablise pregnancy.



Throughout pregnancy many distressing conditions such as back pain and morning sickness in particular can be effectively kept under control without recourse to drugs. See your Homoeopath or Osteopath. Homoeopathy can also help support healthy pregnancies by increasing elasticity in tissues, helping bone & nerve growth and treating strong inherited problems. Nutritional help is also advised. Manual Lymphatic drainage can help with fluid retention.


Preparation for Birth

The best time to prepare for birth is throughout pregnancy, rather than at the last minute. Fit, healthy mothers tend to give birth more easily. Of particular importance is good low back and pelvis function for which Osteopathy is ideal. Relaxation exercises play an important role in preparation for birth at later stages. Homoeopathy prepares the elasticity of the tissues for birth. We also give special remedy advice for different problems that occur during birth. A special birth kit of Remedies is given for the birth itself.


The New Baby

It's never too early to have your new baby looked at by a Cranial Osteopath; especially if the labour was long, difficult or traumatic. There is a high incidence of problems caused by forceps or vantouse delivery, many of which are preventable by early treatment. Homoeopathy can help treat the emotional shock of birth as well as physical problems that the baby may have been born with.

Don't forget that Labour was far from easy for Mum, and that Osteopathic and Homoeopathic treatment can help in the healing after. Also Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Full Body Massage and Reiki are great for helping to relax you.

Babies receiving regular baby massage, bond better with their parents, settle quicker and have generally fewer problems.


Breast Feeding

Homoeopathy is good for treating problems around breast feeding such as poor milk supply, tender breasts and mastitis. Dietary advice is also given to the new Mum and for weaning the baby.


Head Moulding

Head Moulding due to a variety of reasons related to birth are common, and not serious as virtually all spontaneously resolve. However, if you are worried about your baby's head shape, contact your Cranial Osteopath.


Your Baby and Sleepnessness

This is a common problem with many potential causes. Cranial Osteopathy, Homoeopathy and baby massage are all ways of helping.


Glue Ear

Another common condition often leading to perforated eardrums if not treated. Cranial Osteopathy and Homoeopathy in combination, are the best way of treating this.


Other Conditions

Many other conditions affecting babies and children are treatable by one or more therapies we offer. If you are interested, telephone us and ask to speak to one of the Therapists.


Remember also that natural alternatives to vaccination are available.